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Gear Production

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16—GEAR Production Supplement O N D I S P L A Y A T I M T S Gear Center Designed for Mass Production Kapp Technologies, Booth N-7036 Kapp Niles offers the KX 100 Dynamic gear center designed for mass production of external planetary gears ranging to 125 mm. According to the company, its independent twin pick-up work spindles provide optimum productivity, reducing tooling setup time. Work arbor change and verification is automated and grinding worm change is semi-automated. The KX 100 will be exhibited as a turnkey solution with "basket stacker" automation and tooling. An integrated pallet conveyor offers a solution for space and cost savings. The Kapp Niles machines are complemented by measuring machines from Penta Gear Metrology, with the larger custom measuring machines from R&P Metrology. Kapp Technologies | 303-447-1130 | Gear Grinder Designed for Large-Scale Production Quality Liebherr Gear Technology Inc., Booth N-6930 The Liebherr LGG 280 gear-grinding machine is designed to reduce grinding times for twist-free profile grinding and generating grinding of workpieces ranging to 280 mm in diameter. The machine is the second in the LGG series and is designed to deliver consistent, large-scale production quality in automotive applications, including conical gearing. The machine enables users to produce smaller gears with greater load-carrying capability. As part of a production line, the machine's one-table solution is said to promote higher quality throughout production with one clamping fixture and one geometry. This approach promotes reliable micron-range finish quality for gear-noise optimization. The grinding head supports rotation speeds ranging to 10,000 rpm and features 35 kW of spindle power, enabling high cutting speeds and feed rates. According to the company, the machine can utilize the potential of the 3M abrasive Cubitron II. Other features include an HSK-C100 toolholder for changing the grinding arbor and a second grinding head featuring a small worm diameter for collision-critical parts. The machine enables the application of undulations specifically to gear wheel flanks for noise optimization. The ability to produce submicron-range waviness provides a range of optimization options. The touchscreen user interface is said to ease programming and machine operations and includes an integrated webcam. Liebherr Gear Technology Inc. | 734-429-7225 | Turn-Mill Performs Six-Sided Machining without Interruption Starrag USA Inc., Booth S-8696 Bumotec's s191FTLR seven-axis turn-mill from Starrag is designed to start with a plain bar and machine parts such as aircraft pinion regulators complete in a single setup. The machine is able to perform six-sided machining, including the generation of an outer ring gear and pin for the inner ring gear, without interruption to the cycle. The turn-mill uses its full-size subspindle and FANUC linear motor drive to turn, hob, grind, surface finish and mill aerospace fuel injectors, from small, high-mix batches to large-volume serial production. Starrag USA Inc. | 859-534-5201 |

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