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APR 2016

Gear Production

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April 2016—5 compressors, expanders, pumps and marine propulsion systems. The shop's capabilities include shaft grinding, turning, milling and cutting and grinding gears. Additional services include on-site heat treating as well as full load/no load testing on specially designed stands. Although the OEM gearing division and the gearbox repair service are found in two different facilities, they are only a few miles apart, and interaction between the two groups is constant. While technical expertise is required in both areas, of course, an examination of how these two divisions operate individually reveals an entirely different approach to servicing their customers— almost two separate business philosophies, each tailored to the situation at hand. "When you work with a customer on a new gear set, you generally have time to discuss different materials, designs, machining approaches and heat-treat methods to deliver the results they need at some future date. It's a more methodical approach," says Rob Rye, president of the company. "But when somebody's gearbox has failed, they've got an emergency on their hands. They need us to get it back up and running quickly, because they can't afford the downtime." To make a medical analogy, it's the difference between a regularly scheduled visit to the doctor's offce and a mad rush to the emergency room after an injury. Each requires a somewhat different approach toward treating the patient. Providing Options When a new or established customer calls the gear repair service, the frst thing that CGS must determine is the extent to which that customer wants its gearbox repaired. This can range from a quick fx to get it back online as soon as possible to a full rebuild, perhaps with new gear sets and bearings, which will take more time but result in a quieter, smoother running drive unit with an increased service life. "It's completely up to the customer," says John Terry, service manager. "We give them a range of options to choose from as well as the risks and benefts of each." Once the enclosure has been opened, the gears are in pristine condition, indicating the quality and precision of CGS's original work.

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