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APR 2016

Gear Production

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4—GEAR Production Supplement F E A T U R E By Russ Willcutt | Editor Thinking Inside the Box In addition to offering gearbox maintenance and repair services, this company is an OEM of new gears, harnessing the synergy between the two somewhat disparate divisions to the beneft of the overall enterprise. I n business, when a department becomes too insular, rarely communicating with colleagues in other areas from whose insights they could beneft, it's known as creating a silo. This can happen in a gear manufacturing shop when different divisions become so focused on their individual goals that they neglect to share observations and expertise, or fail to create a channel of communication, that would be helpful to the business as a whole. In most instances, each department would beneft from eliminating the walls that separate them. Long known for both designing and manufacturing new gears, as well as its gearbox repair service, Cincinnati Gearing Systems (CGS) is a stronger company because of the close relationship between these two different spheres of activity. Part of the OEM division's success strategy is to remain at the leading edge of new developments in gear manufacturing, whether that involves new materials and designs for producing lighter, stronger gear sets, or the latest machining technologies for producing better gears more quickly. The service division works on maintaining and repairing older gearboxes of all makes, used in a variety of applications and working environments—all day, every day. Machine operators are cross-trained so that they can function in either setting, which not only creates fexibility in terms of human resources, but also leads to cross-pollination of a sort, with employees having the opportunity to work on both old and new gear sets, applying new technologies and materials to the gears they build and the gearboxes they repair. By sharing the knowledge gained in each area with the other, the company is able to streamline its internal operations while providing customers with a depth of institutional knowledge that is constantly evolving and expanding. Departmental DNA Established in 1907, CGS is housed in three separate facilities in the Ohio city for which it is named. In addition to manufacturing precision component gearing and enclosed drives for marine, industrial and military applications, its gearbox repair service maintains both units that it designed and manufactured—sometimes decades ago—as well as gearboxes of other brands. Its original gearing is found in drives for This gearbox, used in a military marine application, was designed, manufactured, assembled and shipped out of Cincinnati Gearing Systems more than two decades ago.

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