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Gear Production

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16—GEAR Production Supplement P R O D U C T N E W S Edited by Jedd Cole | Machining Center Completes Ring Gears in Single Clamping Pittler's PV315, part of the company's PV3 series of machining centers, is capable of machining toothed gearbox parts such as ring gears complete in a single clamping. The machine turns, drills, grinds, mills and power skives workpieces as large as 315 mm in diameter, such as those required in the commercial vehicle industry. Equipped with a multi-function head, Y axis and tool magazine, the machining center performs continual, CNC-controlled power skiving to avoid the problems associated with other skiving and shaping processes. It produces inner and outer gear teeth to IT6-class quality, the company says, with surface quality reaching less than 2 microns Rz on the tooth fanks. The machine is said to produce ring gears with concentricity values less than 10 microns. The PV315's tool magazine can hold as many as 20 different tools and enables the use of a rough skiving tool on a gear frst, followed by a fnishing skiving tool. This method extends the life of the fnishing tool. Directly afterwards, the gearing can be precisely deburred and chamfered using corresponding tools in the same machining compartment. With the addition of tools for turning, drilling, grinding and milling, the machine can fexibly machine ring gears complete. This capability eliminates reclamping faults and retooling processes, saving transport and holding times. The machine can be extended both by custom-ft measuring technology (for example, a post-process measuring station for identifying and correcting deviations) as well as automation solutions which enable robot loading or integrated workpiece return. Other machines in the series are available for workpiece diameters ranging to 1,600 mm. Pittler T & S GmbH | 49-60-74-48-73-0 | Gage Speeds Gear Checking Marposs offers the G25 probe for contact scanning for pre- and post-process cycles on gear grinders and machining centers. Although the compact device resembles a touch probe, it is actually a gage with the ability to perform both part surface scanning and touch functions for part positioning and measurement. It was developed to gage parts while still fxtured in the machine in case reworking is required. When used for gear grinding, the G25 identifes the part location and tooth spacing to align the part with the grinding wheel prior to grinding. The same is then used to scan the profle of the fnished part in a continuous cycle. The probe provides high measurement stability at high speeds, says Marposs, reducing inspection time compared to using a touch probe. Marposs Corp. | 248-370-0404 | Chamfering Machine Offers Fast Setup, Processing Speed Liebherr offers its LCD 300 ChamferCut, a stand-alone chamfering machine using the company's ChamferCut method designed for repeat accuracy and long tool life. The machine enables geometrical optimization of gear clamping for chamfering purposes and provides maximum rigidity for machining. It can perform the same fnishing work on gears as two or three hobbing machines, the company claims. Software for the user interface is based on Fette ChamferCut tool settings sheets, and the operator can enter and correct ChamferCut process settings via the CNC axes. Liebherr Gear Technology Inc. | 734-429-7225 |

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