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DEC 2015

Gear Production

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24—GEAR Production Supplement P R O D U C T N E W S Low-Temp Blackening Process Protects Gears for Storage, Shipment, Startup Birchwood Technologies says that its Tru Temp black oxide process meets the demand by gear component manufacturers for an in-house metal fnishing process that provides break-in lubricity, robust corrosion protection and galling resistance on critical components. This low-temperature process is designed to create a non-dimensional fnish, maintaining material hardness and load-bearing properties. Operating at 200°F, the blackening line forms a satin black magnetite fnish that protects critical surfaces in storage, shipment and startup. The process takes 30 minutes, according to the company. Process lines are available at various scales, including 100- and 40-gallon systems, in order to ft part size and production volume. The fnish is Mil Spec- and RoHS-compliant, and can withstand as much as 120 hours of neutral salt spray or several hundred hours of humidity, the company says. It has a 0.5-micron-thick crystalline structure, which enables it to effectively hold a rust inhibitor, and serves as a sacrifcial barrier to provide break-in lubricity and galling resistance. Birchwood says that the process can be installed in any plant setting without endangering personnel or surrounding equipment. The operating solutions contain no EPA-regulated chemicals, and process rinse waters are normally sent to the sewer as non-hazardous discharge, requiring no waste treatment equipment. Birchwood Technologies | 800-328-6156 | Conveyor Oven for Heat Treating Reaches 850°F The No. 867 gas-heated belt conveyor oven from Grieve provides 850°F (454°C) for production heat treating. The oven's workspace measures 36" × 216" × 15", and is heated at 800,000 BTU per hour by a natural gas burner. A 12,500-cfm, 10-hp stainless steel recirculating blower provides vertical downward airfow to the workload. The oven's conveyed travel comprises a 3-ft.-long, open-belt loading zone; an 18-ft. (216")-long insulated heat zone with recirculated airfow; a 3-ft.-long, open-belt unloading zone; and a 30"-wide, Type 304 stainless steel woven-wire conveyor belt. The belt features 3" fex-plate edges and is driven by a 0.5-hp V-belt drive with speeds variable from 1 to 19 ipm. The oven features 7"-thick insulated walls, an aluminized steel exterior and interior, exhaust hoods over each end equipped with a 12"-diameter, 0.5-hp tube axial fan, and all safety equipment required by IRI, FM and NFPA Standard 86 for gas-heated equipment, including a 650- cfm, 0.5-hp forced exhauster. Controls on the No. 867 include a digital indicating temperature controller and 10"-diameter circular chart recorder. The Grieve Corp. | 847-546-8225 |

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