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DEC 2015

Gear Production

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December 2015—23 Jenoptik Industrial Metrology's Hommel-Etamic Opticline single-camera optical measurement system is designed to measure workpieces as large as 80 mm in diameter without any loss of resolution. The series performs production-foor evaluation of shaft-like parts as large as 150 mm in diameter and 900 mm in length (depending on product model). Opticline-series products feature a 0.1-micron high-resolution camera, improving measurement accuracy and frequency. The system optically measures workpiece profles, diameters and spacing, angle or radii, threads, rotation angles, form and geometric tolerances, and outer contours of high-precision workpieces. An optical touch probe is available Grinding Lube Filtration System Adaptable to Changing Production Requirements Available from oelheld, Vomat's FA series of grinding lubricant flters promotes cleaner lubricant, resulting in reduced need for replacement; longer machine uptime; and tool, flter and lubricant cost savings. The company says the flters ensure 100-percent separation of dirty and clean oil. On-demand fltering and flter backwashing provide coolants to a quality of NAS 7 (3-5 microns). The fltration systems can be customized to meet customer requirements, from a single unit with 120 L/min. fuid throughput to central fltration systems that supply entire machine shops, the company says. Additional components and options include cooling modules, machine supply pumps, auxiliary tanks, remote servicing and disposal concepts. oelheld U.S. Inc. | 847-531-8501 | Optical Measurement System Sealed for Shopfoor Use to check length and angular measurements, increasing the product's fexibility. An enhanced mechanical design that includes both an improved tailstock and headstock provides results for form, location and dimensional measurements within just a few seconds, the company says. According to Jenoptik, basic design and mechanical components have been improved to make the device even less sensitive to possible external infuences, such as vibrations and operator error. The optical system is hermetically sealed, preventing dust and oil mist from interfering with the measurements. Active self-monitoring mechanisms and temperature compensation have been optimized, improving the long-term stability of the measuring device. Ergonomic features, such as a wide part-loading area, easy-to-reach control arrangement, and light curtains, are designed to ease use and access. Jenoptik measuring and evaluation software Turbo Optic is a key element in the intuitive and simplifed operation of Opticline products. Jenoptik Industrial Metrology | 248-853-5888 |

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