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DEC 2015

Gear Production

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22—GEAR Production Supplement P R O D U C T N E W S Edited by Jedd Cole | Automated Cell Handles Gears During Heat-Treatment Process ABB Robotics has developed a robotic gear-handling cell to transfer gears between alloy trays and baskets in the heat-treatment process that transforms "green" gears into "hard" gears. It is designed to replace the manual handling processes employed in many heat-treat operations, improving system performance and uptime. The cell is said to fexibly handle multiple gear styles and sizes, and is suited for a variety of power transmission operations ranging from large commercial, military and industrial vehicles to automobiles, marine craft, recreational vehicles, and lawn and garden equipment. The primary features of the cell include an IRB360 FlexPicker high-speed material handling robot to minimize cycle time; a single fexible servo gripper that can handle multiple gear sizes and styles; and a vision guidance system to capture accurate gear and alloy locations for transfer of gears between the alloy trays and baskets. ABB's SoftMove technology promotes robot gripper compliance during picking or placing of gears to compensate for warped or bent alloy trays. ABB Robotics | 248-391-8622 | Bevel Gear Software Eliminates Need for Dedicated Machine Dontyne Systems' Bevel Software Production Suite has been expanded to include analysis of transmission error with load and roll-check. The system supports the production of bevel gears on fexible multi-axis machines and, in some applications, can even eliminate expensive retooling and machine investment costs, according to the company. The software suite is intended to eliminate the need for dedicated machines for bevel gear production. The software's Bevel Module is fully integrated with the company's Inspection Centre Module, which links with measurement devices to evaluate machining processes and correct errors for production optimization. The company says that these robust software tools provide users with time- and money-saving advantages, and the same functionality of design, analysis, inspection and optimization can be applied to any gear form. Dontyne Systems | 44-191-206-4021 |

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