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DEC 2015

Gear Production

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December 2015—21 Artis Systems Inc. / Marposs Corp., call 248-370-0404 or visit 305-691-6300 800-248-5152 At Southern Gear & Machine, your parts are in the skilled hands of our machinists and engineers who have an average of 25 years of experience in gear manufacturing. When you place your order with Southern Gear, you can rest assured that experienced engineers and machinists are creating your part, at our facility, under our quality control, and with our outstanding customer service. Can your current gear manufacturer make these same guarantees? Our machinists and engineers have an • average of 25 years experience in gear manufacturing. Our employees have been with our • company an average of 13 years. We have more the 50 gear cutting • machines alone. We outsource only plating, heat treating • and NDT. We have been manufacturing precision • gears for 58 years. We have invested close to one million • dollars in equipment each year for the past fi ve years. technology and technology development for gear milling at Liebherr-Verzahntechnik, says, "The CTM system from Artis assists our customers to ensure the daily number of units of gearwheels required and, simultaneously, protects the valuable milling tools and machines. A breakage not only means unplanned tool costs and rejects, but also downtimes in the production and, in the worst case, costly damage to the gear hobbing machines. Briefy, the customer can reliably deploy the capabilities of the machine and tool." Dr. Winkel notes that Liebherr uses the Artis CTM V5 monitoring system (although CTM V6 is now available), and signal transmission is carried out without a sensor via digital performance data (or DTA, digital torque adapter) directly exported from the controller via a Profbus connection. "Up to the present," he says, "the new features for gear hobbing have been successfully utilized on Liebherr milling machines with Siemens 840D SL controllers. The system also functions on older machines with Siemens 840D PL or other controllers. There is also an option for analog measurement of the effective power." The initial Liebherr test machine achieved a 17 percent increase in tool life without changing any process parameters, simply by eliminating unnecessary tool changes. ZF also used the test data to identify and optimize the tool coating, which produced a 60-percent increase in tool life. That almost certainly would not have happened had the data not been available. A Productivity Breakthrough The combination of better tools, more capable machines, and real-time process monitoring and control systems represents a real breakthrough in gear making productivity. With the automotive industry moving rapidly toward six- and even eight-speed transmissions, it's a technology solution whose time has defnitely come.

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