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Gear Production

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24—GEAR Production Supplement Multifunctional Oil for Gear Hobbing, Grinding, Shaping oelheld U.S. Inc., Booth 2301 Oelheld's DiaGrind 535-15 multi-functional grinding oil can be used during gear hobbing, grinding or shaping applications on a variety of machines. The formula contains a blend of high-quality additives and base oils, and does not require regeneration or complete exchange for many years, according to the company. The oil's high-performance characteristics suit transmission manufacturing, while its environmentally-friendly composition is said to keep operators safe and their equipment in good shape. oelheld U.S. Inc. | 847-531-8501 | Induction Machine Hardens Gear Teeth Root-to-Tip EMAG LLC, Booth 1304 Emag-Eldec introduces its modular induction (MIND) machine for laser induction hardening. Featuring Simultaneous Dual Frequency (SDF) technology, with which two different frequencies are applied to the workpiece, this machine can distribute middle frequencies to penetrate deeper and heat the root of the gear tooth while high frequencies accurately heat the tip of the tooth. This hardening system complements Emag's lathes and can be used to assemble effcient gear production lines. EMAG LLC | 248-477-7440 | Turning Center, Software Produce Various Gear Types DMG MORI, Booth 1813 DMG MORI will demonstrate its gear milling portfolio with a focus on its GearMill software and multitasking machines. The software features machine cycle enhancements and part inspection capabilities. The software will be used in demonstrations conducted on the company's NTX2000-series multi-axis lathe with second spindle and lower turret. This machine is capable of producing all types of gears using InvoMilling, fank milling (end mills), hobbing, gashing and power skiving processes. At the show, it will demonstrate machining of a variety of gears including spiral bevels, spur, helical and internal gears. DMG MORI | 877-275-6674 |

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