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Gear Production

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22—GEAR Production Supplement P R O D U C T N E W S 305-691-6300 800-248-5152 At Southern Gear & Machine, your parts are in the skilled hands of our machinists and engineers who have an average of 25 years of experience in gear manufacturing. When you place your order with Southern Gear, you can rest assured that experienced engineers and machinists are creating your part, at our facility, under our quality control, and with our outstanding customer service. Can your current gear manufacturer make these same guarantees? Our machinists and engineers have an • average of 25 years experience in gear manufacturing. Our employees have been with our • company an average of 13 years. We have more the 50 gear cutting • machines alone. We outsource only plating, heat treating • and NDT. We have been manufacturing precision • gears for 58 years. We have invested close to one million • dollars in equipment each year for the past fi ve years. Dimension-Over-Ball Gage Measures Spurs, Helical Gears, Splines United Tool Supply, Booth 2442 United Tool Supply's Unite-A-Matic gage checks dimension over ball (DOB), dimension over pin (DOP), and major/minor diameter of spurs, helical gears and splines. A variety of models can be used externally or internally to check a gear's inner or outer diameter. Recent improvements to the gage line include a soft- touch feature that reduces operator interference with the gage head. With plans to develop the Unite-A-Matic into a fully automated machine with interchangeable tooling capable of measuring multiple gears, the company says it is reliable, accurate and robust enough for the shopfoor environment. United Tool Supply | 800-755-0516 | Gear Inspection Compensates for Shopfoor Disturbances Gleason Corp., Booth 1017 The Gleason 300GMSP analytical gear inspection system is designed to operate in production environments while maintaining reliable measurement results. The system's base design includes an active leveling system to attenuate a spectrum of normal production environment vibrations, yielding measurement values in parallel with those achieved in controlled calibration laboratories but without the delay of having to move to the lab location, according to the company. The system compensates for thermal fuctuations normally associated with the shop foor as well. Gleason Corp. | 585-473-1000 |

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