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Gear Production

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20—GEAR Production Supplement P R O D U C T N E W S Cylindrical Grinder Reaches Tight Tolerances Erwin Junker Machinery Inc., Booth 1026 The Junker Group will display Zema's Numerika G-800 Smaller Shaping Head Increases Stroke Length Liebherr Gear Technology Inc., Booth 1809 Designed for its Platform 2 (LSE/LFS 200 to 500) and Platform 3 (LSE/LSF 600 to 1600) machines, Liebherr Gear Technology will display a smaller shaping head option that eases electronically-controlled machining of spur and helical gear teeth. The SKE 120 shaping head with dynamic rotary drive and movable head slide occupies less space at a stroke length of 120 mm, increasing stroke position travel range to 650 mm (Platform 2) and 350 mm (Platform 3). The optional NC swivel column slide, which produces conical gear teeth at a shaping spindle angle between -1 and +12 degrees, has been optimized to achieve greater rigidity. If NC swivel column slides are not used, the shaping spindle angle can be adjusted by as much as ±0.45 degrees using a cam. Liebherr Gear Technology Inc. | 734-429-7225 | gear grinder, which performs precision grinding of gear shafts. This durable, cylindrical grinding machine, with its hydrostatic X and Z axes and hydrostatic grinding spindle, reaches tight tolerances reliably and is suited to a range of workpieces. In addition, Zema offers machines for ID/OD grinding and for grinding large shafts with diameters ranging from 1 to 4 m (40" to 157") in length. Junker will also display its Lean Selection cam shaft grinding machine and the LTA Lufttechnik Basic Line of electrostatic coolant flters. Erwin Junker Machinery Inc. | 847-488-0406 | Retroftting Service Updates, Remanufactures Gear Machines Excel CNC Retroft LLC, Booth 1619 Excel Gear will display a retroft machine from its newly formed Excel CNC Retroft division, which upgrades or remanufactures older gear machines to meet higher performance standards. The company offers a range of services to enhance the performance of most major gear machines, including converting manual or outdated CNC machines to use the latest FANUC CNCs and restoring older machines to their original OEM specifcations, among other services. Excel CNC Retroft LLC | 815-270-1004 |

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