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Gear Production

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September 2015—11 the angular dimensions of bevel gears includes all the dimensions for creating the bevel gear drawing (tip and root circle diameters in the outer and inner bevel) and tooth thickness dimensions on the outer and inner bevel diameter for all types of bevel gears, including Klingelnberg and Gleason. KISSsoft gets updated all the time, with the latest release dated March 2015. For instance, fank modifcations used to be assessed in a contact analysis under load, which also accounted for mounting deviations and tooth deformations. In June, fank modifcations were added to bevel gear designing. The resulting output includes the contact pattern, transmission error, stress distribution, and the risk of fank fracture. In March, reports from load spectra calculations became available for beveloid gears; these reports show the values for partial damage per load element. Moreover, the load and speed direction of each element can be considered separately. In January, a new algorithm was introduced for shaft calculations, yielding increased stability, better performance, and easier fault correction. The latest release also includes a variety of enhancements to the program's 3D exports to common CAD packages, such as Autodesk Inventor 2016, Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks 2015, PTC Creo Parametric 3.0, and both Siemens PLM Software NX 10 and Solid Edge ST7. Suite Success The Concept software package from Romax is aimed at the conceptual stage of gearbox, transmission and driveline-system design. A related software product, RomaxDesigner, is a simulation tool for detailed analysis and optimizing drivetrains. Dynamic Fusion, a third product, creates dynamic models directly from Concept and RomaxDesigner for third-party multibody dynamics. Concept has templates for non-gear experts to investigate gear designs, including durability, performance, noise and effciency. These templates cover driveline and gearbox applications. The templates include gears, shafts, bearings, engine models, electric motor, wheels and multiple power loads. Software prompts using detailed parameters help in the design and analysis of gears. Expert designers can start fresh with a clean-sheet gear design. Concept also includes various simulation tools, such as for predicting vehicle behavior and optimizing gearbox ratios. It has a bearing database and bearing selection tools for sizing Concept from Romax Technology provides semi-automated sizing, defnition and rating of gears, shafts and bearings. The software's 3D visualization helps designers and engineers evaluate and optimize key design parameters quickly.

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