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Gear Production

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16—GEAR Production Supplement P R O D U C T N E W S of top land, fank and root. The Gear CAM environment is available in both standard and multi-touch confgurations. The software enables geometry input from a 3D gear model and includes toolpath simulation and a tooth accuracy optimizer (TAO). Measurement grid analysis is also included. An interactive wizard provides tool selection and cutting strategies. Breton has collaborated with Hy-Gears to develop an application within the CAM system to enable the use of face mills in addition to traditional mills. Breton SpA | 39-0423-7691 | Thermal Finishing Machine Boosts Productivity The P400 TEM machine from Kennametal Extrude Hone is capable of fnishing customized components such as complex gears, pinions and valves. The company's thermal energy machining (TEM) strategy uses a pressurized mixture of a combustible gas and oxygen injected at 5 to 10 atm of pressure into a containment chamber. An ignition system ignites the gas mixture, releasing heat energy from the oxidation of fuel in a 20-msec. high-speed energy wave. Internal burrs and fashings with raised surfaces and thin cross-section features are burned away. Because the gas mixture engulfs the entire workpiece, all internal and external surfaces are exposed to rapid oxidation, and internal cross-drilled holes and intersecting edges that are diffcult or impossible to reach are processed quickly. The fnishing process is said to provide high reliability and repeatability when combined with washing. Kennametal Extrude Hone | 800-367-1109 | Comprehensive Software Suite for Gear Design and CAM Breton SpA's Gear Suite is a complete software package featuring the company's Gear Design and Gear CAM environments. The software is well-suited for use with Breton's Ultrix, Xceeder, Maxima and Titan machining centers, and can be used in production of straight and helical cylindrical gears, herringbone gears, bevel gears with straight- and spiral-cut teeth in common geometries, face gears for orthogonal transmission drives, skew-axis gears, and worm gears. Gear Design enables 3D gear model generation from a standard data sheet. Tooth contact analysis (TCA) and topical surface modifcations can be performed, as well as fne tuning Inspection System Accommodates Long Broach Tools, Shaft Parts Available from Kapp Technologies, the R&P Metrology RPS 3000V is a vertical inspection system designed for broach tools and shaft parts ranging to 3,000 mm in length and 500 mm in diameter. The system is said to generate accurate measurements of involute and non- involute teeth as well as helix and pitch measurements. Its TBroach software package utilizes the scanning touch probe on the system to accurately measure and analyze critical features on broach tools. Designed for measuring long tools, the low-profle machine base can be installed in a pit to position the rotary table at foor level and make it easier to load parts for inspection. Granite air bearings and linear motors provide wear-free, consistent and thermally stable measurements, and the active air suspension system eliminates the need for a foundation, the company says. Kapp Technologies | 303-447-1130 |

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