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Gear Production

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June 2015—9 Rave Gears LLC, call 830-421-3295 or visit Nick Patel, CEO of Rave Gears (at left), and Bruce Roberge, president, have known each other for decades, and they have assembled a team of top gear experts in the small Texas town of Seguin, with hopes of making it "the country's high-tech gear capitol," says Mr. Patel. completed in hours." Another concern that's been eliminated thanks to deep grinding, augmented by the effciencies inherent in the closed-loop process, is the uncertainty surrounding heat treat, Mr. Alaniva says. "When you practice the closed-loop system to the extent that we do, basically going from womb to tomb, you're able to reduce more than 90 percent of your variation, even predicting your heat treat results. Deep grinding induces stresses in a uniform manner throughout the part, which allows us to accurately foresee how it will react during heat treat. If you want great gears coming right out of heat treat, you can't do any better than closed-loop." Rave Gears is not alone in adopting the closed-loop process or grinding gears from solid, but according to Mr. Roberge, "we're the only one I'm aware of that has made this combined approach our very reason for being. We don't see the market the same way that we used to. There has been a major shift and a new paradigm is beginning to emerge. We are happy to be on the leading edge of that shift." 305-691-6300 800-248-5152 At Southern Gear & Machine, your parts are in the skilled hands of our machinists and engineers who have an average of 25 years of experience in gear manufacturing. When you place your order with Southern Gear, you can rest assured that experienced engineers and machinists are creating your part, at our facility, under our quality control, and with our outstanding customer service. Can your current gear manufacturer make these same guarantees? Our machinists and engineers have an • average of 25 years experience in gear manufacturing. Our employees have been with our • company an average of 13 years. We have more the 50 gear cutting • machines alone. We outsource only plating, heat treating • and NDT. We have been manufacturing precision • gears for 58 years. We have invested close to one million • dollars in equipment each year for the past fi ve years.

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