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MAR 2015

Gear Production

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22—GEAR Production Supplement P R O D U C T N E W S Turning Center Capable of Gear Cutting, Milling and Drilling Emco Maier's Hyperturn 65 Powermill offers a spindle clearance of 1,300 mm along with a counter spindle to enable four-axis machining and a B axis with direct drive for fve-axis simultaneous milling operations. An additional Y axis for the lower turret further enables machining of complex parts. Turning, drilling, milling and gear cutting operations are completed in a single setup on the machine, eliminating additional handling and part storage and improving workpiece precision. In addition, production time, fxturing and personnel costs, and foor- space requirements can be reduced. According to the company, the machine is well-suited to serial production of workpieces for the automotive, material handling and aircraft industries. The 29-kW milling spindle offers 79 Nm of torque with speeds ranging to 12,000 rpm. The B-axis direct drive provides contour capabilities with fve-axis simultaneous machining as well as shorter tool-change times. The 29- kW counter spindle provides 250 Nm of torque, enabling machining a workpiece with two tools simultaneously for four-axis machining. The lower turret with integrated milling drive can also be used for complex milling operations in all 12 positions, combined with the Y axis and ±50-mm travel. The HSK-T63 tool interface can be used for both turning and drilling/milling work. It can be continuously swiveled within a range of ±120 degrees and clamped at any point. With a useful Y travel of +120/-100 mm, the spindle is capable of gear cutting operations as well as turning and milling work for crankpins, fve-axis machining, and more. The machine can be equipped with a 20-station pickup tool magazine, or a 40- or 80-station chain magazine. The machine is controlled by a Siemens Sinumerik 840D-sl. Emco CPS Pilot simulation software enables planning, programming, simulating and optimizing production runs using a 3D model of the machine. Emco Maier Corp. | 248-313-2700 | Dry-Cut Hobbing Machine for Small-Diameter Gears An addition to its GE series of dry-cut hobbing machines, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' GE 10A is suitable for mass production of small-diameter gears such as those used in vehicle automatic transmission systems. Capable of accommodating gears ranging to 100 mm in diameter, the hobbing machine offers radial and axial travel speeds of 20,000 mm/min. with direct-drive motors in the main spindle and table. The cutting length of the hob measures 300 mm for greater machining effciency, and maximum hob rotation speed is 3,500 rpm. Use of a high-speed loader is said to reduce workpiece changing time to 2 sec. According to the company, the machine's structure enables simple setup changes without the use of tools. Cooling mechanisms incorporated into the main spindle and table enable high machining precision by guarding against thermal displacement. The machine can be used with Siemens or FANUC CNC control units. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Gear Cutting | 248- 668-4143 |

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