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MAR 2015

Gear Production

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March 2015—9 was seeking: robust material removal and a polished, repeatable surface fnish. The TGII extruded grain wheel features a long, thin grain that resembles pasta or rice, with an aspect ratio—length to width—of 8-to-1. These grains are loosely packed, with the spaces between them maximizing material removal and coolant retention. They stand up to the high force inherent in high metal removal rate processes. Wear resistance is good, and the swarf the wheel generates passes easily through the grinder and exits the machine to be processed. Apart from all the time saved eliminating setups required when moving a gear from a gasher to a hobber and then to the grinder, Norton's side- by-side comparison of hobbing versus grinding shows that cutting times can be slashed in half. Mr. Plainte describes a gear made of 4140 The TGII abrasive wheel from Norton features a long, thin extruded grain that resembles grains of rice. It provides good wear resistance and powerful material removal. L&H's new stock yard will allow long pinions to be stored upright, taking up less space, and enabling easy access to other aftermarket parts the company produces.

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